The “Muzzle” of Sustainability: Lair Cam of 5 New Born Mexican Gray Wolf Pups

 Film of new born wolf pups at a Wolf Sanctuary not far from my home. Only 42 Mexican gray wolves are living outside captivity in New Mexico and Arizona. The pups add a significant promise to the recovery of a species once considered extinct in the wild.

Young people need to come face-to-face with sustainability in nature.  If not to put a face on it, in this case “to put a muzzle on it.”   A few years back I took my son’s Boy Scout Troop to The Center for a field trip. I told the boys that I remembered seeing a gray wolf when I was a kid one summer in Northern Wisconsin.  He ran across a road through some old growth forest.  He was magnificent.  Then he just stopped and watched our car as we slowly drove by. He looked to me to be the size of three German Shepherds, but then I was about 7 years old at the time too.  I hope my son won’t be telling his children “I remember seeing….”  There are no more wolves in Northern Wisconsin.

“It may surprise some that five newly-born wolf pups can make such a dramatic impact on the recovery of a threatened ecosystem in the western United States,” said executive director Mac Sebald. “But, when you start with essentially zero in the wild, these five lives make an immeasurable difference.”

Like I said in The Pogo Pathology, most of the time we screw it up when we try to “manage” nature.  After some legendary failures I don’t think we are as arrogant as we once were.  Again I remember when fishing was plentiful in Northern Wisconsin until we tried doing yield “optimization”.  Note, anytime you hear the word “optimization” in conjunction with anything complex and especially natural systems, understand that it is an almost certainty that after a brief period of spectacular success there will be a prolonged period of catastrophic failure.

If these topics are of interest, I recommend Resilience Thinking by  Brian Walker and David Salt for a well written and painless introduction to resilience and natural systems.


3 thoughts on “The “Muzzle” of Sustainability: Lair Cam of 5 New Born Mexican Gray Wolf Pups

  1. Great choice of subject Selah. Your contribution The Muzzle of Sustainability:
    Lair Cam of 5 New Born Mexican Gray Wolf Pups | Prologue has inspired me sufficiently to want to publish more myself.

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